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What is Stress?

Stress is the inability to cope with life on life's terms. Stress is a fact of life; we all have stress in our lives, but it is how we handle the stress which makes it a positive or negative experience.

Stress impacts everyone -children and adults- from the housewife to the hard-hat laborer, from troubled teenagers to the "golden years" retirees, and from the mailroom clerk to the chairman of the board.

Nearly all of our clients have sought relief from their health care professionals, MD's, specialists, psychoanalysis, etc. Most have tried changes in diet, relaxation exercises, sports, meditation, biofeedback, etc.

Over the years, there have been many viewpoints as to what stress is and how to deal with it.

Unfortunately most people are not effectively dealing with stress.

We hide from it. We ignore it. We try to escape from it. We deny its existence. We stuff it. We get sick from it. We cover it up with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, money, power, possessions, etc. We distract ourselves from it by immersing in television, computers, shopping, work, people, and relationships. We starve ourselves, we over exercise, we lie to ourselves, and we are embarrassed by it. Our avoidance tactics are endless.

Becoming overwhelmed by stress is an individual process, but there are common results. We become less engaged in healthy, productive living. Our thinking and behavior progressively degenerate in quality from constructive to destructive, from creative to self-sabotaging. We procrastinate; we lose our sense of motivation, curiosity and enthusiasm; we feel confusion, fatigue, sadness, depression, hopelessness or anxiety.

The problems we have in our lives are usually the poor result of choices made under the influence of overwhelming stress. The combination of our stress and problems can deteriorate our experience of life to such a degree that we lose our sense of balance, enjoyment and wellness.These feelings and attitudes, if unresolved, lead to suppression of our auto-immune system, and we can become physically and / or mentally ill.

With a unique perspective on human relationships, Stress Solutions is a simple yet highly effective alternative for pinpointing, releasing and managing stress.

Drawing Upon Your Own Resources

We believe your own Innate Intelligence, subconscious or spirit is a significant resource from which you can draw valuable insight and direction for your life. We have chosen the definition of Innate Intelligence from the introduction of the Chiropractic Text Book by R.W. Stephenson. "Innate Intelligence. A ’living thing’ has an inborn intelligence within its body called Innate Intelligence. The mission of Innate Intelligence is to maintain the material of the body of a 'living thing' in active organization."

From the moment of conception until the moment that we die, our intelligence directs the development and then directs and maintains the function of our body. From all indications it does a very good job, unless we need it not to.

Your intelligence knows what your body needs for its own well-being, health, happiness, comfort, and protection. The intelligence can direct all of the body's functions perfectly, no matter how intricate they may be.

Drawing upon this vital resource with muscle response testing provides insight to support you in the release of harmful stresses which would keep the Innate Intelligence from maintaining the material of the body in active organization, or in other words, health and well being.

Energy fields

What makes our procedure unique is that we use the energy field of the body to help our clients identify and then release the accumulated stress.

Every living person has an electro-magnetic energy field which radiates six to eight inches off the body. People who see this field call it an aura. Even though I can't see it, I certainly can demonstrate it, so I prefer to call it an energy field. Science has been aware of the energy fields for many years but only in the past few years have we become aware of how to use them.

The first procedure we must complete when a client comes in for an evaluation is to check the energy field to be sure it is properly balanced. There are no machines or instruments required to accomplish this, but rather a simple muscle response test.

The inability to cope with stress seems to weaken the energy field. It is important to have this energy field balanced in order to proceed with the muscle response testing.

By accessing the subconscious through muscle response testing, Stress Solutions can help you pinpoint the stressors which are affecting you from present and past experiences. This simple, comfortable process is called a Stress Evaluation.

The Stress Evaluation

Stress accumulates subconsciously and often manifests in relationships.

In performing the stress evaluation, a series of yes/no questions are asked. The process is much like detective work. After a careful review of your situation and concerns, we will assist you in determining:

If you haven't experienced the reaction of the muscle response testing to a correct answer and then to an incorrect answer, it would be hard for you to understand what I'm talking about. What it looks like is; you are lying in a comfortable reclined position with one of your arms raised above your head, elbow locked and fingers loose. I ask you a question requiring a yes or no response from you after which I push on your arm while you give a little resistance.

.When a person answers a question contrary to what their intelligence or subconscious knows to be true, it affects the energy field which in turn reduces muscle strength causing the arm to weaken. The response is very obvious to the client and me. This appears to be the same principle upon which the polygraph machine registers physiological responses. The intelligence knows truth and it recognizes untruth, even when we do not consciously know the answer!

Clients are often surprised to discover the nature of the stress affecting them. What we think and what we feel can be exactly opposite. What we THINK and what our intelligence THINKS can be very different. What we THINK we feel and what we ACTUALLY feel are often very different.

With all this inner confusion, sometimes we suppress or deny our true feelings, trying to cope with the circumstances in our lives. However, unresolved hurts and guilt do not disappear. At some point they need to be cleared.

During your session, we will teach you proven effective methods for relieving the stress. In the process of you letting go of the stress, we assist you by helping draw off the negative energy from your energy field. We may apply energy to help you increase your regenerating energy level. Once you have relieved your primary stresses, we teach you how to prevent stress from accumulating.

Most clients experience Profound Breakthroughs in one or two sessions.

The Link Between Stress and Illness

We find that illnesses often serve a purpose on the subconscious level.

We use health problems:


There are times in our life when we feel we cannot face a person or situation, for whatever reason. We cannot see a graceful way of getting out of it, so we create a physical health problem to save face and justify our escape. It may be a stomach ache to justify staying home from school because we didn't get the required assignment finished, the headache to justify not being intimate, or the back problem to justify not going to work for whatever reason. There are thousands of reasons why we escape as well as thousands of ways in which we escape.

Justification of feelings

How many times have you heard someone say, "I was afraid that would happen and sure enough it did." How often we justify our fears, turning them into reality.

During my childhood I noticed that a person's belief about the cause of an illness could play a part in whether they got sick or not. For example, most people I knew were afraid they would catch a cold from not wearing their coat in winter weather. Even though we now know that the illness was really about a virus, if they didn't wear the coat, they got sick. My belief was that I could play better without my coat on and I didn't get sick. My son is the same way.

Another belief in our family was that if one of us kids got sick the rest of us kids would also. One day I overheard my mom and her friends saying that when one of us kids would come down with a virus, they wanted all of us to be sick at once so that they could get their nursing duties over with sooner. I noticed that my mom and dad rarely got sick when we did, so I changed my belief and quit getting sick every time someone else in our family did.

When I felt left out or lonely as a boy, I sometimes became slightly ill with a light fever, loss of energy or appetite, or maybe a mild headache. I knew if I were sick, mom would prepare special food, red Jell-O and chicken noodle soup just for me. She would also insist that I stay home from school and spend the day with her! The symptoms were real but, would clear up that same day usually about the time the other kids came home from school.


As we live up to our personal value standards, we feel high self-esteem. We like ourselves. We feel comfortable with ourselves. But if we fail to live up to our value standards, we don't like ourselves, and we feel low self-esteem in this particular area. The first thing we think we must do is justify the gap-between our value standards and where we are living.

Our first reaction to living below our values is to justify ourselves by blaming someone else. If we can't blame anyone else, then we internalize it and we become physically ill to justify not living up to our value standard.

Medical research has concluded that many diseases, especially chronic illnesses are directly related to stress, or rather the inability to cope with it.

We have identified Nine Kinds of Stress that affect us.

  1. PHYSICAL STRESS: Physical traumas-a fall, an accident, cuts, bruises, sprains, a broken bone, or over exertion are examples of physical stress. Following these events, there may be stress due to the injury which sometimes interferes with healing.
  3. MENTAL STRESS: Anything which would be excessively taxing or obsessive mentally.
  5. EMOTIONAL STRESS: This stress has to do with how we feel about the people in our lives-in particular, family and friends. If we become overly concerned about another persons' well-being and we do not know how to help them or what to do for them, it can have an adverse effect on our well-being. (Young children often feel this in response to a parent's inability to deal with the stress in their life).
  7. PSYCHOLOGICAL STRESS: How we perceive ourselves in relationship to others, basically our self-esteem, is psychological stress. (This stress causes more physical health problems than all the other stresses combined.)
  9. ENVIRONMENTAL STRESS: Our surroundings, such as where we live, work or go to school, etc. would be considered our environment. If we find ourselves in a situation totally foreign to our natural surroundings or in a disaster area, this could create environmental stress.
  11. FEAR STRESS: Fear of the unknown, the dark, the future, a situation, failure, success, disease, phobias, and the helpless, hopeless feelings known as consternation, is all various forms of fear stress. Fear obviously can be very destructive.
  13. GUILT STRESS: Guilt stress has to do with value standards. We all have value standards pertaining to every aspect of our life. They range from minor things such as how we tie a tie, or how we fold a towel, to major values standards such as honesty, integrity and morality. As we live up to our value standards, we are at peace with ourselves, but if we live below our value standards, we begin to feel guilty and may even begin to punish ourselves physically.
  15. REALITY STRESS: The inability to discern between reality and fantasy, fiction, or fairy tales is reality stress. Sometimes people are so disenchanted with reality; they begin to live in a world of make-believe.
  17. BELIEF STRESS: This stress has to do with misconceptions and unrealistic ideals. Often times we cannot see the forest for the trees and are consciously unaware of faulty beliefs and defeating patterns of behavior that have brought so much unhappiness into our lives.

Personal Responsibility

The bed-rock foundation of life is our freedom of choice and with choice we have personal responsibility. Although we may not always have control over events which happen to us, in order to heal from the stresses of life, we must take responsibility for our reactions or responses to these events. When we learn to choose positive ways of responding to stress, we begin to take charge and create positive changes. Until then we will remain victims of our pain, problems and circumstances.

The benefit you can gain from identifying and releasing stress during the Stress Evaluation depends entirely on your commitment and personal effort. We can help you identify and recognize the negative stress in your life; we can help you discover the part you, as well as others, played in creating and perpetuating the stress; and we will show you proven, effective methods for relieving the stress.

Ask for help, reclaim your power of choice, apply what you learn from us, and manifest in your life the happiness, wellness and peace of mind you really deserve.

Who Can Benefit?

Anyone who wants to improve their quality of life!

Examples of client circumstances have been:

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Stress Solutions

Helping families and individuals be at peace about the stress in their lives

Healing that comes with inner peace

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