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I am profoundly changed since our session. I am in awe that you got to the issue so fast. I thank you again for doing the work you do.  

Having you in our home was absolutely one of the greatest experiences we have ever had. You relate well to every one, you are very understanding, and have the capacity to uplift and build people. I think the way you do the latter is through the unconditional love you have for people.
    I don’t think it was any accident that you were here and considered it a great blessing for our family. I have come to learn that prayers are frequently answered in the least expected way. After experiencing your therapy last November, I would simply not have believed we would ever have the privilege of having you in our home, treating our children. I feel so blessed.
     The additional session with my husband has really boosted his morale and attitude. Our youngest son's nightmares have ceased, and my rock-bottom rotten attitude has been replaced by a more loving one. I feel that you are one of the many angels I have requested to help my older son and daughter.   T.E.

I had been very stressed and it was affecting my body in a couple of ways. I'd never heard of this before but it taught me a lot about relationships both with myself and others. Learning the forgiveness technique I feel will help me for years to come!   P.P.

In 2001, I became consumed by the bitterness of the divorce I was going through. It was affecting me emotionally, physically and spiritually. It affected my work life and all of my relationships. Russ worked with me several times to learn how to let go of the resentment, blame, and hatred I was feeling and to begin to forgive my ex-husband and myself. It was difficult to do, but it had a profound effect on me, and has changed the way I relate to difficult situations in my life today.   J.S.

When my son was 6 years old, he began having nightmares. He would cry out in terror and we were not able to wake or console him for up to two hours. It would take another hour to get him back to bed. We tried to figure out the cause of his nightmares for years to no avail. When my son was 11, he had a fever that lasted several days and he experienced the nightmares during the day while awake. Russ spent an hour with him, found the cause of the nightmares and put an end to them right then and there! We were astonished and extremely grateful. My son has been nightmare-free for the past five years!!!   J.L.

After my initial appointment with Russ I felt a profound sense of relief. I also had ingrained into my coping skills a method of self-forgiveness that is a tool I utilize almost daily. It has made a difference in my self-respect and in my recovery.   R.S.

I came to Russ because I was incredibly stressed with the outcome of my life from past experiences and as an end result I frequently got chest pains and terrible headaches and my one year old cried all the time.
    During my session with Russ, we worked on forgiveness and he taught me a couple of healing techniques. We went to the root of my headaches and chest pains. Now as an end result I no longer get chest pains ever, and my headaches no longer seem to be a part of my evening routine. Most importantly however, because I am happier and more relaxed, my daughter is a joy to be around and is full of smiles and laughs all day long!   N.B

I had suffered from sinus infections since I was in my 20's. No one was able to help me with the exhausting cycle of trips to the doctor, the pharmacy and recovery time that repeated throughout each winter. Russ helped me learn how prior unresolved stresses in my life were the problem, and he taught me how to deal with stress as it comes up. My life is much more peaceful and I have been virtually cold free for the past four years.   J.G.

For over three years I had been taking medication for extreme anxiety attacks. The anxiety was taking a huge toll on my relationships. Even the smallest tasks seemed bigger than I was and trying to deal with them seemed overwhelming and out of control.
    I knew I wanted to be able to live my life without medication but had exhausted every option it had seemed. In my first session with Russ Stewart we were able to pinpoint causes, some that I wasn't even aware of after years of counseling, that had been contributing to my anxiety.
    Since my sessions with Russ, I have not needed to take any medication and have not had any anxiety attacks and I am able to deal with the stressors that I encounter. I am confident in the techniques that Russ uses and teaches. They have worked for me and have worked for many others.   J.S.

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