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  My introduction to "Graf Stress Management"  

My father's dilemma & healing in 1982

Dad remarried and had begun a second family with three young children when I saw the ambulance in front of his house. I saw him lying on his bed. He was in so much pain he could hardly speak. His family doctor rushed to the house and injected him with doses of morphine until he said any more would kill him. The pain was still practically unbearable.

At the hospital the doctors found he had a cracked hip and an infection. The surgeon removed the hip and his doctors worked to kill the infection. After several weeks, they sent him home with out a replacement hip while they continued to take cultures and conduct tests.

Several months passed and my dad took his wife, I.V. bottles, hypodermic injections, crutches and wheel chair on a vacation cruise ship. During the cruise, they met another couple and became friends. They traded phone numbers. After the vacation, the couple called dad and said they felt urged to tell him about someone they knew who had helped others solve difficult problems like his. They gave him Jan Graf's phone number.

Dad called Jan Graf right away and told him about his desperate situation and asked if he could help. Jan asked him if he was willing to do what ever it would take to deal with the unresolved matters in his life. Dad said he was ready. Jan said "then I can help you".

My father got in his car and drove from northern California to Jan's office in St. George, UT. Dad told me he had two sessions. He explained how Jan used a technique to question his intelligence about the unresolved events in his life which were the root cause of his illness. Jan helped dad resolve his past, forgive, and relieve the negative energy from his body. Also, Jan applied an energy healing technique to help dad heal from the infection.

Soon as dad returned home his doctors tested him and the infection was gone. The doctors were skeptical and continued testing for several weeks. At dad's insistence the surgeon successfully replaced his hip. Medically, the doctors were never able to explain the absence of the infection. Dad was a marvel to modern science.

In 1992 I completed my certification under Jan Graf as a Certified Stress Management Consultant.

Our Technique is powerful, compassionate and amazing. Facilitating this profound modality of healing in people's lives has been a marvelous and humbling experience. We have seen many courageous people forgive and love unconditionally, come to peace with their past, feel more connected with God, heal relationships, improve intimacy, appreciate the joy in their lives and gratefully come to peace terms with a variety of mental, emotional and physical health problems.

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