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Healing that comes with inner peace

Stress is the inability to cope with life on life’s terms. We all have stress in our lives, but it is how we handle the stress which makes it a positive or negative experience.

Unfortunately most people are not effectively dealing with stress.

The dilemmas of pain, suffering and unhappiness we have in our lives are usually the poor result of choices made while under the influence of overwhelming stress. We become less engaged in healthy productive living. Our thinking and behavior progressively degenerate in quality from constructive to destructive, from creative to self-sabotaging. We lose our sense of motivation, curiosity, and enthusiasm; we feel confusion, fatigue, sadness, depression, hopelessness or anxiety.

These feelings and attitudes, if unresolved, lead to the suppression of our auto-immune system, and we can become physically, emotionally and/or mentally ill.
    Stress Solutions is a simple yet highly effective method for pinpointing, releasing and managing stress. With a unique perspective on human relationships and stress related health problems Russ Stewart has been helping clients be at peace about the stress in their lives since 1992.

Russ Stewart

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